Flare Finance and Airdrop of $ExFi token

Flare Finance is a Web3 Compatible Decentralized Application Network built for trustless engagement in peer-to-peer financial ecosystems.

Airdrop for $ExFi token is planned for 1st of January 2022 and will arrive to all wallet addresses that held $SGB and $WSGB on the day of Snapshot, which was on 12th of December of 2021. The contract or exchange receiving the $EXFi will need to support the distribution for you to receive your airdrop.

You can learn more about Airdrop of $ExFI in this post The $ExFi Snapshot is now complete on Medium and read more about Flare Finance on their website.

Adding #ExFi token to your MetaMask

You can follow these steps to add the #ExFi token to your Metamask:

  1. Open MetaMask,
  2. Go to the Assets tab > Import Tokens,
  3. Enter 0x72D932019AE098A6368E6676E16169D112E7720A
    -> It will automatically add the symbol “EXFI” and decimal “18”.