Whether you are one of the XRP holders on Dec 12, 2020 and hence eligible for free SGB (and, in the future FLR) airdrop or you obtained your SGB tokens in some other way, you should consider putting your tokens to work, by supporting data validators and Songbird's FTSO protocol.

One of the ways to do that is to use the D'CENT Biometric Wallet. Please follow the steps below to install and configure the wallet and to delegate your tokens to FTSO.it.

D'CENT Biometric Wallet

Setup D'CENT Biometric Wallet

To start earning rewards with your Songbirds you will have to set up your D'CENT Biometric Wallet and connect it with a D'CENT Mobile app.

  1. To set up a D'CENT Biometric Wallet, follow these steps.
  2. Then connect it with the D'CENT Mobile app (available for Android and iOS devices).
  3. If a firmware update will be available follow these steps to upgrade it to the latest version.

Get some SGB tokens

To receive tokens, you will have to create a token account. As you will be using the Biometric Wallet, your Biometric Wallet must also be connected via Bluetooth in order to create an account:

  1. Connect D'CENT Biometric Wallet to Mobile app.
  2. From the Account tab, click the + button to create an account.
  3. Select Songbird from the list.
  4. Set the name for the account. This name is displayed in the account information of the mobile app and also on the Biometric Wallet.
  5. Congratulations you have successfully added a Songbird account!

Send Songbird tokens to your wallet

With a Songbird account created in a mobile app, you can now receive SGB tokens. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the D'CENT mobile app and tap on the Songbird token.
  2. Tap on "Receive" to view your account address.
  3. Your account address in QR code can be scanned by the sender's camera. To share the hex address to your sender, use the "Copy" or "Share" function.

Earn rewards with SGB tokens

In order to start earning rewards from your SGB tokens, you first have to wrap them into WSGB tokens (Wrapped Songbirds) and then delegate your wallet to one of the existing data providers. You might even consider delegating to FTSO.it.

D’CENT Wallet offers you to interact with the FTSO functions on the Songbird Network via FTSO portal which can be found on the Discovery Tab (DApp browser) of the D’CENT Mobile App.

Step 1 - connect to FTSO Portal

  1. Go to the Discovery tab and tap on 'FTSO Portal' icon.
  2. Tap on the "Connect" button and connect the FTSO Portal with your wallet (Songbird) address to continue.
  3. Congratulations you have successfully connected your Songbird address to FTSO Portal!

Step 2 - wrap SGB tokens

With your Songbird address connected to FTSO Portal follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the "swap" button (SGB <-> WSGB) to wrap your SGB tokens. Set the amount you want to swap and tap "Confirm". Keep at least 1 SGB for network fees.
  2. Press "OK" and authenticate to sign this transaction.
  3. Congratulations you have successfully wrapped your Songbirds!

Step 3 - delegate WSGB tokens

You will be delegating the whole content of your wallet. You only have to perform this step once. With your Songbird address connected to FTSO Portal follow these steps to wrap your tokens:

  1. Navigate the list of data providers and select FTSO.it from the list then tap on the drop-down button next to its name.
  2. Enter the amount of WSGB you want to delegate. To finalize the delegation, you will need to sign a transaction. Press "Confirm" to continue.
  3. Press "OK" and authenticate, which will sign this transaction.
  4. Congratulations you have successfully delegated your WSGB tokens!

Step 4 - claim reward in SGB tokens

Remember, you have to claim rewards once per week. Connect your Songbird address in the FTSO portal and follow these steps to claim the rewards:

  1. Tap on the button "Total Claimable Rewards" to claim your rewards.
  2. Press "OK" and authenticate, which will sign this transaction.
  3. Congratulations you have successfully claimed your rewards!