What is Songbird

Songbird is the Canary network for Flare and will have two distinct phases.

Prior to the launch of Flare, Songbird will be instrumental in the continued testing and ultimately the improvement of security, stability and credibility of the Flare network at launch.

Post the launch of Flare, Songbird is intended to be a long term network for testing governance led changes to Flare, such as the incorporation of new F-Assets, changes to the FTSO, F-Asset systems or any other network change.

A Canary Network

A “Canary network” is an operational blockchain with a defined (and hence scarce) token supply that is intended to be used to test features for a related main net.

On a Canary network users have a balance that cannot just be replenished at will. This is in contrast to a testnet which generally has an unlimited token supply available in increments to any user through a faucet.

Learn more about Songbird and Songbird Token SGB

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